MG Rtd Theo ten Haaf

Chairman of Advisory Board



MG Rtd Theo H.W. ten Haaf enjoyed a distinguished career in the Dutch Armed Forces. He started his career flying helicopters in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Among other types he flew the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. Before retiring as Commander of NLD SOCOM in 2021, he served as the Netherlands Military Attaché in Washington DC, Commander of the NLD Defence Helicopter Command, Operational Commander NLD Defence of the Nuclear Security Summit, the MH17 Recovery and as Commander of 1 (NLD) Air Task Force in Afghanistan, amongst others. MG Rtd Theo H.W. ten Haaf international deployments include Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

For his service to NLD Defence and contribution to NLD society he was knighted as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. He is also a bearer of the (FR) L’Ordre du Mérite and the (US) Legion of Merit.