The Difference towards Gold.

We sat down with Eva De Goede, Dutch International hockey player who has competed at four Olympic Games winning three gold’s and one silver medal. She has played over 250 international matches for The Netherlands and she captained the team to an Olympic Gold medal last summer in Tokyo. We got her thoughts and feelings around what she believes builds a successful team and we found these parallel’s with Unified International way.

Eva believes there are four core ingredients that lead to the success of the team’s she has been involved in:

1) Discover your identity as a team.

2) Teamwork always prevails.

3) What are your team goals and how does it look to get there.

4) Accepting and adapting to the mutual ambition of the team.

I highly recommend a structure that every player buy’s in to when approaching a tournament because in the end, it could all come down to a couple of small moments in a final to be successful and being part of a Gold medal winning team.

Here are Eva’s Top 4 ingredients towards a successful team which we at Unified International also believe in:

  1. Firstly, Eva strongly believes the team needs to discover their Team identity. She mentions that an identity is something that should be seen, heard and felt by those within the team, and when this is achieved it can be picked up by those outside of the team environment. She highlighted that this identity should be agreed upon by the entire team, so everyone is on the same page.
  2. Secondly, She felt passionately that teamwork trumps all and within the team everyone should really be able to be the best version of themselves. She thinks you really need to know and be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses to then provide a contribution towards the team. Once you have figured that out, you need to be able to share them with your team. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and respect them. Be open and honest towards others and give each other feedback. When you respect each other and you are being open towards your teammates, you can build this connection and trust.  When there is trust, there is a bigger chance you work harder together as a team to achieve your team goals.
  3. Thirdly, Eva thinks a plan or framework has been fundamental towards the successful team’s she has played in. Everyone might have their own way of working how to get to the team goal, they might even have a different individual goals.  The aim is to have everyone agreeing upon a common team goal and having a clear path with achieving that goal – she does stress that the path is not always smooth and there are bumps or obstacles along the path but this is when the togetherness of the team will navigate through or around these obstacles.
  4. Lastly, Eva believes an acceptance and clarity of the individual’s role, within the team, was a big ingredient towards the team’s recent success at the Tokyo Olympics last year. She mentions that you might have different roles on and off the hockey field, but each role has a significant importance towards the team’s performance. It led to trusting each other more with that role and achieving the mutual ambition of the team.