Spotlight: Unified International

By Technology Park Ypenburg

Unified International (UI) is a high end boutique consultancy services company, with a focus on the defense, aerospace and maritime global market for Scale Up NL SME’s in particular. UI supports their clients with their market and technology expertise through its consultancy services in and around high tech procurement trajectories, strategic business development, and mergers & acquisitions.


Unified International joined TPY because of its location in The Hague, where the Defence Ministries are also situated, as well as the fact that South Holland is one of the largest area for the aerospace and defence clusters in the Netherlands. Various customers are located in the vicinity and the ability to be part of a vibrant and growing community is an added benefit. UI sees The Hague as a great region to develop further sustainable aviation because of its unique location, infrastructure, and knowledge network with TU Delft and various high tech companies located nearby.

Currently, UI is working with technology scale up companies active within the military and aerospace industries. They are working in procurement and strategic business development towards government sourcing and large OEMs. Their consultancy offers a range of expertise bringing together technology and financing with deep market know-how. At the same time in our Dubai office we support UAM implementation, the management of Vertiports and the Airspace coordination around Aerial events..

The current challenges facing UI are accommodating for growth within the team and attracting young talent to the company. Within the community, UI is looking to position the business within this dynamic high tech manufacturing network. Of course, UI also enjoys the convenience of being located nearby customers and the ability to contribute to the community’s well being and potential prospects.

UI enjoys playing as a team, as current international employee Tim Drummond, points out that team spirit and unity is what makes the company so successful. Tim, a hockey player, says that the values of hard work, clarity within roles, and a desire to put the company first are the same characteristics which drive his hockey team forward.