Michel van Ierland

Managing Partner NL



Michel started his career in 1999 as a Naval Officer. He has worked for the Naval Air Wing, the DMO and the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Laboratory.  In 2015 Unified International  BV. was founded by Michel van Ierland as he was aware that companies should constantly be looking for the best unique way to position themselves on how to add value to their clients and partners. Michel his experience is based on more then 20 years in the aviation and naval industry and his various operations for the military. Michel was also responsible for the strategic and tactical continuity of numerous projects. The experiences and insights he gained motivated him to establish Unified International, he believes objective market and technology strategic insight can add value to a company establishing or enrolling it’s strategy.

Moreover, they remain highly valuable, which becomes clear from the hands-on advice and clear-cut analyses he provides to our client. Unified International has established a global network of suppliers, service providers, industry partners and customers in both the civil and military domain. With strong relations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia, Unified International is able to generate high end market and technology accross different types of high end industries. Throughout their global network Unified International is very aware of the various requirements on the one hand and the wide range of capabilities of their partners on the other hand enabling very cost effective and efficient solutions for their customers and partners. The subject matter expertise that Unified International has built up over the years adds value in the sense of unbiased, objective advice that will assist customers and partners to find the best and most flexible solutions. Our team has  a multidisciplinary approach as an end to end solution provider with the aim to achieve results through realism.

Unified International has nurtured partnerships with a wide variety of various reputable companies in the fields of aerospace, naval, advanced technologies and the midstream oil and gas industry. Unified International acts on behalf of our partners as business developer or project management in the pursuit of new and promising markets and concrete business opportunities. These opportunities are created by Unified International through leveraging our strong national and international networks.