We are delighted to be a presenter at the upcoming InnovationQuarter event on Monday (13th June 2022) where we will explain our vision on sustainable aviation and the programme for Hydrogen Aircraft Powertrain and Storage Systems (HAPSS).


“We are creating a true zero emission aviation solution enabling a sustainable industrial and operational future built on a 100 year legacy of pioneering aviation.”

Unified International has over the last two years created a vision and aligned 17 highly specialised companies including the Knowledge Institutes combining innovation from maritime, automotive and aviation to establish a totally Dutch solution in HAPSS.

We are delighted by the tremendous encouragement and alignment with the vision of HAPSS from the Government and good support from LRN through the “Luchtvaart in Transitie” programme.

The significant investment in from the National Growth Funds demonstrates the Government progressive vision on creating a sustainable aerospace future in the Netherlands. They see the time is now to make a significant change to the environment and also the Dutch industrial capability.

Our retrofit approach enables the acceleration to meet 2030 environmental goals and will enter the market in 2028 well ahead of totally new aircraft designs which will be almost a decade later. HAPSS will be ideally positioned by this acceleration to also play a role in the new aircraft programme supply chains as they evolve to meet 2050 goals for net zero emissions in aviation.

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