Guiding the design of efficient vertiports: Unified’s Vision for Sustainable Aviation

Last Monday marked the beginning of Amsterdam Drone Week, a three-day event tailored for the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) community.

Our colleagues Loes Eijkman and Michel van Ierland are attending the event to learn more about the latest developments in air solutions, innovative ideas, and fundamental regulations shaping the future of air travel.

Loes Eijkman, Aerospace Consultant – Sustainable Aviation and UAM at Unified International: “The ADW kicked off with various interesting insights from regulatory bodies and authorities such as ICAO, Eurocontrol, FAA and EASA on the one hand and industry on the other hand. This first day of the ADW really shows the spirit of collaboration, where all stakeholders are working hard to connect with each other, collaborate and share insights in order to realise AAM which brings a multitude of sustainable applications and mobility solutions”.

“What is the difference between a helipad and a vertiport?” It may sound like a simple question, but the answer is not so straightforward. Curious? At Unified International we are happy to advise“.

Designing efficient vertiports and tackling mobility challenges go hand in hand with ensuring a sustainable future in aviation. With the emergence of Urban Air Mobility and eVTOL aircraft, thorough attention to safety, noise, airspace integration, and public acceptance is crucial. These considerations are essential for implementing effective safety regulations and performance standards, especially for vital services like medical emergencies.

Unified’s vision is to pioneer a greener future. In line with this vision, we investigated a concept design of a vertiport, for this project we collaborated with Paul de Ruiter Architects, renowned for their sustainable and innovative architecture.

Unified International provides comprehensive expertise in navigating Vertiport policy makers and integrating emerging technologies across various dimensions. As a consultancy partner for government entities, developers, airports, and operators, we drive progress towards a sustainable (financially and environmentally) future in Evtol aviation.

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