Dutch Defence initiatives and Unified International’s supportive role to protect what is valuable to us.

The emerging global security situation impacts our North Sea Region. As a result, it is of increasing importance for the Netherlands to safeguard our strategic interests. Monitoring (potential) maritime threats to protect vital infrastructure in the North Sea against sabotage and espionage is an essential part of that. This includes undersea cables and pipelines used for various purposes such as data communication, electricity, hydrogen, or gas transmission.

Airborne surveillance plays a pivotal role in providing a recognised maritime picture at sea. In 2020 the Netherlands Coastguard awarded the contract for airborne surveillance to an international consortium of companies. Unified International supported the winning proposition by aligning their capabilities most effectively with the operational needs of the Coastguard.



Advancing Defence Tech: Strengthening European Self-Reliance

Besides safeguarding the North Sea Region, there is a pressing need to enhance defence capabilities overall by innovating and upgrading outdated technology. Concurrently, efforts are made to increase production to meet urgent requirements for Ukraine and replenish our reserves.

To achieve these goals, government and industries need to work together. Recently, a taskforce has been formed by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to assess the future operational needs and to adjust the regulatory framework. Its goal is to speed up production and procurement processes. Primary focus herein is on Netherlands strategic interests like radar-, drone-, space-, and marine technology. Investments in new production capacity is necessary, therefore investors are encouraged to support the defence industry with additional funding.



Future Collaboration

Unified embraces the collaborative approach within the public and private defence sector. We establish strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders and bridge the gap between their governmental counterparts. Our strength lies in incorporating operational, technological, economic, operational, and legal perspectives together.

With this strategy, Unified International supports efficiency, and excellence in defence projects, thereby strengthening the Netherlands’ defence position eventually leading to operational effectiveness.


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