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Balancing sustainability with economic viability: Mapping the future of aviation through a holistic approach.
-An Interview with Michel van Ierland

Can we transform aviation into a more sustainable industry without compromising efficiency and economic viability? This question lies at the heart of realising technological solutions for energy transition and sustainability in the aviation sector. From pioneering breakthroughs to infrastructure upgrades and fleet replacements, the industry must explore diverse approaches. Global decarbonisation in aviation necessitates international […]

Advancing Aviation with Artificial Intelligence: Insights from the first SIG Meeting

The Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting on ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) in aviation’ held on February 15th showcased the evolving landscape of AI adoption within the aviation sector. Organised in partnership with the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG), the workshop aimed to spotlight practical AI applications within aviation, facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration among industry experts. […]