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Unified International has over the last two years created a vision and aligned 17 highly specialised companies including the Knowledge Institutes combining innovation from maritime, automotive and aviation to establish a totally Dutch solution in HAPSS.

The commonalities between running a submarine and consulting

Used to take charge, discuss and negotiate in (inter)national fora, work with and motivate a team of professionals, prioritize workloads and deliver a high standard of work. All elements essential for planning and executing successfully deployments.

Rick’s Top 4 Tips.

Rick is a tender and project manager at Unified International. He has over 7 years of experience in Tender & Bid management, coordinating big international projects, and over 14 years of experience in International Corporate Event Management.

Conundrum in the Aviation Industry

Conundrum in the Aviation Industry. A compelling report which highlights the potential approaches and challenges the #AviationIndustry faces, as we strive for #SustainableAviation and align to future climate goals.