Albert Timmers




Albert is at the forefront in Defence and sectors of vital infrastructure (maritime, air, and roadtransport). He feels at home in high-performance or 24/7 organizations. As an interim and project manager Albert ‘gets the job done’. Also, he supports these organizations with advice on safety, operations and crisismanagement.

Observe, analyze and operationalize. These three words characterize his approach. He has a strong structuring ability in complex situations whereby complicated matters are tackled by him in a practical and clear manner.

Previously Albert worked at a leading Dutch consultancy firm on many (safety) projects in the public domain. Also, he was an accident investigator and investigator-in-charge within the Dutch Safety Board. His character was formed in the Royal Netherlands Navy where he learned to persevere, to lead and to operate in a team. These qualities still form a solid foundation in his current day-to-day work. In the Royal Netherlands Navy he was principal warfareofficer, navigator and aircontroller.



  • Project Management

  • Safety Management

  • Strategy Consultancy