Disabled Aircraft Recovery

Specialized DAR consulting and training service using our own Boeing 707 aircraft at our training facility in the UAE.

Best practise training and consulting

Unified International provide best practise training and consulting for Disabled Aircraft Recovery. Our training facility is based at Fujairah International Airport and includes our dedicated Boeing 707 airliner and training facilities. Our training has been developed by industry experts and in coordination with our partner AMS as a world know Aircraft Recovery System Provider. (www.aircraft-recovery.com).

From our central location in the United Arab Emirates we provide training to clients in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. We have standardized training and can also customize training for clients as needed.

Why should I get Aircraft Recovery training?

A disabled aircraft event is a major disruption to you and several stakeholders around you. An effective recovery minimizes this disruption and it’s economical effects. Disabled aircraft events are not predictable and can happen due to a variety of reasons, some of which are outside your control (ie. Equipment failure, weather). Regular training of recovery teams ensures that when an event happens to you, you will be ready to remove it quickly in a safe way without causing any additional damage.
Disruption costs time and money. Regular training is an investment that will pay off by making the Recovery effective and efficient.

What type of training do you give?

Our standard course is 3 days and is aimed as a practical initial or refresher course for all recovery staff. After a theoretical phase in the classroom, attendees will carry out practical recoveries in the field using a real aircraft.

What do we train:

  • How is an aircraft designed and what are it’s recovery possibilities and limitations
  • Make an assessment of the Disabled Aircraft situation
  • Make a plan of required removal operation
  • Recover the aircraft as a team effort
  • Get practical experience with the recovery equipment

What customizations can I get?

We are very flexible and happy to discuss specific requirements with clients. Some examples of customizations are use of client equipment, specific scenarios, extreme conditions (like night or hot temperatures) recovery training. Feel free to approach us directly for any specific requests.