Aircraft Recovery Training Course Vacancies (UAE) 7th to 9th October 2019

A 3 day Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training Course is being held at our new Training Facility in the UAE on 7th, 8th and 9th October 2019. The course is almost fully booked but there is still time to secure the last few spots if you can act quickly.

Limited places are currently available!

This course is suitable for airport aircraft recovery teams, firefighters, operational staff, and airport personnel. You can send 1 or more of your team to take part. This provides flexibility for use as:

  • Refresher training for members of established aircraft recovery teams,
  • First-time training for new members of established aircraft recovery teams,
  • First-time training for smaller aircraft recovery teams.
  • Trial sessions for key-decision makers at airports who may want to conduct due diligence checks before committing larger teams to train with Unified International.

To find out more or secure places for members of your team, please email Michel van Ierland, CCO & Managing Director for our UAE Training Facility, at: to obtain a course itinerary and prices.

Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training

Valuable training that reduces your organizational risk. All training includes theoretical elements and practical exercises including:

  • Single Point Air Bag Lift
  • Fuselage Sling Lift
  • De-bogging Exercise