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A new important era of clean aerospace has arrived, we support this transition to a more Sustainable Aviation enabling the global IPCC 2030 and 2050 climate goals. Our technical and business knowledge will give industry and government guidance on what can be achieved technically and the economics behind it.

Unified International provides end to end consultancy services for new energy sources (e.g. electrical and hydrogen) enabling a green and sustainable future from a market and technology perspective.


Innovation in electric and hybrid aircraft (and longer-term fuel-cell hydrogen aircraft) for passenger and cargo operations including those operated remotely or autonomous is changing the way we understand air mobility. Flight performance and lower cost of operation opens a new era for aviation. Importantly, new use cases are being introduced that provide significant societal benefit such as emergency response and connecting rural communities. The basis of this new type of aircraft is sustainable fuels which is a key part to achieving net-zero emissions and transitioning from electric to hydrogen will be required to achieve the desired benefits.

Innovation in airport infrastructure with new urban vertiports along with new energy infrastructure is required to enable future flight operations. Other environmental impacts will continue to exist with noise, privacy, safety, and security concerns and these will need to be managed to ensure desirability for consumers as well as acceptance from the general public.

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